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          1. 2019-05-20 | Qin Zhang:Collaborative Learning with Limited Interaction: Tight Bounds for Distributed Exploration in Multi-Armed Bandits



            Best arm identification (or, pure exploration) in multi-armed bandits is a fundamental problem in machine learning. In this paper we study the distributed version of this problem where we have multiple agents, and they want to learn the best arm collaboratively. We want to quantify the power of collaboration under limited interaction (or, communication steps), as interaction is expensive in many settings. We measure the running time of a distributed algorithm as the speedup over the best centralized algorithm where there is only one agent. We give almost tight round-speedup tradeoffs for this problem, along which we develop several new techniques for proving lower bounds on the number of communication steps under time or confidence constraints.


            Joint work with Chao Tao and Yuan Zhou.






            Qin Zhang is an assistant professor at the Indiana University Bloomington.  He received a B.S. degree from Fudan University and a Ph.D. from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He also spent a few years as a post-doc at the Theory Group of IBM Almaden Research Center, and the Center for Massive Data Algorithmics at Aarhus University.


            He is interested in algorithms for big data, in particular, data stream algorithms, sublinear algorithms, algorithms on distributed data; I/O-efficient algorithms, data structures, database algorithms and communication complexity.